Weather Defence — Our revolutionary external sheathing board which provides an alternative to cement particle board

Author Siniat Date 17/11/2015

Weather Defence

If you're interested in this video, here are genuine testimonials from some contractors,

"Weather Defence saves us so much time - we use it whenever we can." Tommy Burke, Director, Brebur Ltd

"The lighter weight of Weather Defence meant we could easily cut holes in situ without having to bring the board down to the ground each time. This really sped up construction." Jurgen Mensinga, Director, Elite Cladding Systems in relation to Nottingham Trent University.

"The guys on site loved working with Weather Defence. Not only are they easier to install than cement particle board. They're also easier to cut and distribute. Lifting, moving and fixing them is hassle free." Nick Riley, Project Manager, Manorcraft in relation to Swansea Bay University Campus.

"Whether carrying it around the site or fixing it to the frame, being able to handle Weather Defence so easily makes our job much simpler, saving us time and money." Vladamir Zubrickij, Installer in relation to University of Bath.