Thermal U Value Calculator

We are pleased to launch the first of our Siniat Calculator Apps, bringing customers helpful and easy to use digital tools to make their jobs quicker, easier and more efficient. Try out our U Value calculator here online or download it to your phone or tablet from the app stores using the links below.

Use the app to:

  • Establish the required thermal value of an existing or newbuild wall or roof.
  • Quickly calculate the complete product system solution to meet Part L Building Regulations. 
  • Choose the system for you; most cost effective, floor space maximisation or most thermal.
  • Save, email or print the results for future reference.

Download the App to your device, for Android and IOS.

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Note for a more detailed and extended range of options contact our Technical Enquiry line on +44(0)1275 377456 or +44 (0)800 1456033 or email

Our U-value calculator will enable you to:

Calculate Thermal U Values

Calculate Thermal U Values

Calculate required U Value to meet Part L Building regs for new builds, extensions and renovation projects.

Designed as a simple, easy to use tool for builders and installers working on residential projects to help established the required U value needed to meet regulations based on existing walls or newbuild properties.

Calculate whilst on site, at base or on the move, enabling you to make more effective use of your time, save money and provide great customer service.

Specify system to meet regs

Specify system to meet regs

Specify drylining systems to meet differing requirements.

Users can choose from 3 broad system options, which meet the needs of their project along with the regulations.

These include systems to maximise floor space, provide the most cost-effective solution or the most thermally efficiency option.

The system details product requirements for the install, including board, frame, fixings and finishing products.

Save and email for later ref

Save and email for later ref

Save and email the results for later reference.

You can save and/or email the results making them ready available for future reference or a trip to your merchant branch or distributor.  The App's 'find a stockist feature' makes this even easier.

Our technical team are also on hand to help with more detailed queries.  

T: +44 (0)800 1456033
T: +44 (0)1275 377 789

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