Type of building

Type of building


Drywall systems can help create an environment that is comfortable and aesthetically attractive to visitors and workers, especially:

• To provide the robustness to withstand heavy wear-and-tear
• To control acoustic transmission and absorption
• To create a clean, bright aesthetic




Fire safety

Siniat provides tested system recommendations that meet the functional needs and fire compliance requirements for commercial properties.

We manufacture a variety of plasterboards to be used in fire rated systems. Some of our boards are formulated to provide a combination of fire protection with acoustic insulation and impact resistance.

Our products are designed to meet the specific challenges of your environment. These plasterboards are recommended by Siniat in wall and ceiling systems to meet fire compliance requirements for commercial properties including:

  • Stairways, public corridors or common areas, lobbies
  • Smoke and fire walls
  • Walls between tenancies
  • Stairwells, lift shafts, service shafts and plant rooms
  • External walls, spandrels and roofs


An improved learning environment

Our range of acoustic plasterboards offer performance level sound management used to help cut out noise between rooms and reduce vibrations. Easy to install to either walls or ceilings with minimum loss of space to your room, our boards are the perfect solution for a great night’s sleep.

Our products are designed to meet the specific challenges of your environment:

  • Meets and exceeds Part E building regs
  • Up to 35% quieter than standard board
  • Cut out 49 Rw dB sound insulation from a 15mm single layer system
  • 30 minutes of fire resistance from a single board system


For retail and commercial projects

Siniat’s acoustic wall and ceiling systems provide architects and designers with alternatives for all noise situations in commercial properties, including shopping centres and offices.

We manufacture a variety of plasterboards that are designed with a higher level of acoustic properties than standard plasterboard.

Our products are designed to meet the specific challenges of your environment. These plasterboards are recommended by us to deal with airborne sounds, impact sounds and flanking transmissions found in commercial buildings, including:

  • Walkways
  • Foyers and entrances
  • Restaurants and cafeterias
  • Shops
  • Boardrooms and meeting rooms
  • Video conferencing rooms
  • Rooms adjoining foyers and common areas
  • Service shafts and plant rooms
  • Acoustic bulkheads


For larger projects, we add value before, during and after the construction phase. Working with the project team, we can support the initial tender, finding ways to improve aesthetics or building performance, cut construction costs, reduce build times or suggest ways to lower on-going maintenance costs. Find out our recent projects below.

GO Interiors Branch Office

When this drylining system distributor required it's own drylining solution to create robust partitions, they chose LaDura. The separating wall, between the offices and the busy distribution centre, not only needed to be robust enough to withstand the constant demands of customer footfall and large deliveries but, also make the staff office space comfortable and quiet.The Office walls needed the additional requirement to hang information boards and office equipment.  LaDura is Siniat's strongest plasterboard and with this brings the flexibility to move and add workstations due to LaDura's excellent pull out resistance. The direct fixing of hung loads such as computer monitors without the need for pattresses, allows GO Interiors more possibilities with how they use their workspaces and in a busy office environment this can be extremely useful.


ICE Krakow Congress Center is located in Krakow. It is modern conference and cultural centre. Taking almost 5 years to construct and was a key investment in the Malopolska Region. Three main meeting/ICE can accommodate up to 3200 people, and since opening in October 2014 became the site of numerous congresses, concerts, shows and exhibitions. The design centre is the result of collaboration architects Krzysztof Ingarden and Jacek Ewý and Japanese design studio Arata Isozaki & associate from Tokyo.The functional building has innovative architecture and a prestigious location with a view of the Wawel Castle.In recognition of the investment the project won 5 "stars", in The International Property awards in the category of the best architectural design.


Practical support from our technical experts

Technical support: Design stage

Technical support: Design stage

For larger projects, we add value before the construction phase. Click here to read one of our technical Project Packs.

Technical support: By phone

Technical support: By phone

Have a query that needs an urgent response? Our team of experts are ready to take your call from 09.00 – 17.00, Mon-Fri. (excluding 12.30 to 2pm)

Tel: 0800 145 6033 or 01275 377789
Email: technical.services@siniat.co.uk

Technical support: On-site

Technical support: On-site

Browse here for technical documentation, practical videos, tools and contact information.

Related building regulations

Building Regulations

Related building regulations

Browse or download the guidance document on Building Bulletin 100 – Design for Fire Safety in Schools

Browse or download the guidance document on Building Bulletin – Acoustic design of schools

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