Meet our new Technical Director, Nigel Morrey

Author Siniat Date 20/02/2017

Our People

Image of Nigel Morrey, Technical Director, Etex Building Performance

Nigel is our new Technical Director, responsible for the technical performance of both Siniat and Promat products and systems.

Nigel has worked within the Etex Group for over 28 years, specialising in passive fire protection, 20 years of which has been at a senior management level. He is a Board Director for Etex Building Performance.

Nigel’s role is to ensure that our customers:
– Have all the necessary testing, certification and technical support materials available for any Siniat or Promat specified systems
– Receive consistent, high quality advice from our dedicated team of technical advisers
– Are at the heart of our ideas to simplify technical detailing and provide value engineered solutions whenever possible
– Have access to training opportunities and site support

Nigel is an active member of the Association of Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP). Within the ASFP, he sits on the ASFP Council, Strategy and Sustainability Groups, is Chairman of TG5 Fire Resisting Partitions, a participant at TG2 Structural Steel Fire Protection Boards and Sprays, TG3 Firestopping and ASFP Technical Committee and is the ASFP representative on Loss Prevention Council Board (LPCB) Expert Panel D, Passive Protection.