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GTEC Acoustic Stud

A unique shaped C Stud which, when used in a partition system, can give increased acoustic perfromance over standard C Studs with the same board linings.


  • Can improve their overall RwdB performance of a partition by up to 3 dB
  • Engineered slots in the stud create a spring section, resulting in less acoustic energy being transmitted
  • Manufactured to BS EN 14195
  • Reaction to fire A1


Used as an alternative to 70mm, 90mm and 146mm GTEC C Studs, where high levels of acoustic performance is needed from a partition. Compatible with GTEC C Stud system and all GTEC boards, allowing a range of partition performances to be achieved within identical footprints. Please note, GTEC Acoustic Studs are not suitable for use in curved partitions.

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