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Our technical experts have developed solutions that can make your building warmer, dryer, quieter and safer to work and live in. Using plaster and cement boards, metal studs, accessories, compounds and plasters we create thousands of different systems to help you construct buildings that perform.

Our products

Internal Boards

Siniat plasterboards are made to comply and exceed even the highest norms and needs in drywall systems constructions. Even more, Siniat offers special gypsum boards that are designed to withstand in tough environments. Our range of plasterboards include but are not limited the ones presented below.

External Boards

External boards; Bluclad cement fibre board and Weather Defence™gypsum external sheathing.


We offer a wide range of metal frames to help you build the perfect plasterboard or cement board system. Special metal solutions developed by our experts help obtain better acoustic or seismic performances. Different types of profiles and angles meet local standards and requirements. By working alongside installers we’re able to continually innovate our frames to improve performance and boost jobsite efficiency.


It wouldn’t be possible to create complete systems, without fixings and accessories. For our plasterboards systems, we have a wide range of screws and tapes, metal joints and anchoring rods. By extensive testing and trial and error we have developed connectors for walls with sound insulation properties, so that the sound will not be transmitted as with standard connectors. Perfect for use in hotels where privacy is crucial.


Good projects always start with a good base. Siniat knows this and offers high quality gypsum suitable for different applications: preparing the base walls for plasterboards, leveling out big or small irregularities on building surfaces or even casting different shapes and forms.

Our systems

Siniat Lining Systems

Lining Systems

Our lining systems offer a wide range of plasterboard lining fixing systems to walls and roofs for most typical substrates. Different depth of cavity spaces can be created between the board lining and underlying wall. These cavities can be used to hide services and/or to help achieve high levels of fire resistance, thermal U vales, sound insulation and other performance requirements and regulations.

Partition Systems

Our drywall partition systems are designed to meet a wide range of performance targets and needs including thermal, acoustic and fire protection.  They are used extensively across many construction sectors including commercial, residential, education and health.  They offer a simple lightweight, durable and versatile means of drywall construction.

Suspended Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceilings are widely used in the construction of both residential and commercial sector buildings.  They can be used to cover a wide range of design objectives including aesthetic, acoustics, environmental, safety and performance requirements.

Shaftwall Systems

Our fire protection shaftwall systems offer a range of construction benefits which can include a lightweight alternative to masonry constructions, reduced installation time and simplicity along with space saving advantages.

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