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Siniat plasterboards are made to comply and exceed even the highest norms and needs in drywall systems constructions. Even more, Siniat offers special gypsum boards that are designed to withstand in tough environments. Our range of plasterboards include but are not limited the ones presented below.

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Significantly stronger than standard plasterboard, giving greater impact, pull out resistance and sound insulation. The ultimate in performance plasterboard.

MultiPurpose Panel

MultiPurpose Panel is a versatile A1 fire rated calcium silicate building board suitable for use in a wide range of internal and semi-exposed applications.

GTEC Fire Core Board

High strength, moisture and fire resistant plasterboard for use in GTEC Shaftwall systems steelwork and fire encasement.

GTEC Fire MR Board

A plasterboard providing both fire and moisture resistance for stud partitions, wall lining and ceiling systems


A versatile water resistant Fibre Cement board for domestic bath and shower room installations.

Aqua Board

A water resistant plasterboard for use in high humidity or wet applications. Ideal as a tile backing board for bathrooms.

GTEC Moisture Board

A plasterboard with moisture resistance designed for use in humid areas. For high humidity areas, upgrade to Aqua Board.

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