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Case Study: Barn Conversion

We recognise the importance of quality and comfort in your home – and this is where our products can make a real difference. Our specialist products are an investment for the future, what’s on the inside of your property is as important as what’s on the outside.

Barn conversion
Siniat Barn conversion interior
Interior image

Vic Harding
V Harding Contracting Ltd

Our client required a high spec barn conversion with a number of specific requirements.  The property needed to provide a safe, efficient and comfortable luxury home whilst also providing a clean and functional environment to run a small family business.   The nature and age of the property brought with it a number of additional demands.

We were assisted by Siniat and their Technical Services team to provide a complete range of boarding solutions to meet all the drywall requirements. This included LaDura high impact board in the hallway and kitchen, fire board in the garage and plant room, Aqua Board in the wet room and dB Board to create a sound barrier for the small business area. Our client was delighted with the results.

Further information and resources

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Aqua Board How To Video image
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Siniat dB Board video image
Technical Services
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The Siniat highly trained Technical Services is available to answer any technical queries you have and advise on installation details to system specifications to improve Fire, Sound and Thermal performance. Call: 01275 377 789 Email:

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