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HOW TO - Repair Interior Walls
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HOW TO - Taping and Jointing - A step by step guide
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HOW TO - Cover an uneven wall
How To - Cover an uneven wall video
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Whether you need to repair damaged or uneven walls, tape and joint new plasterboard or need an effective solution for pre-decoration sealing and coating – we have the product for the job.

Repair & Preparation

Siniat’s IT range is the perfect solution for builders and decorators. When time is short, IT performs. These lightweight compounds are easy to mix into a smooth consistency, have exceptional workability, are easy to sand and deliver a top quality finish.  A long with low shrinkage and resistance to cracking they provide the perfect surface for decoration.

JOINT IT – Suitable for bedding , filling and finishing
A one bag solution for plasterboard jointing. Also suitable for bulk filling, bedding corner preparation, general filling and minor damage such as cracks, gaps and dents.

FILL IT  - Suitable for quick repairs on internal surfaces
An easy-mix filler to repair major problems like deep holes and severe cracks and minor problems such as cracks, gaps, dents and blemishes.

FINISH IT -  A lightweight readymix for extra speed
Suitable for general wall repairs up to 3mm deep. Perfect for levelling and smoothing old plasterwork, filling minor cracks and finishing tapered plasterboard joints.

PATCH IT – Suitable for repairing damage to plasterboard 
A self-adhesive perforated aluminium and glass fibre reinforced patch to complete the professional repair solution. Perfect for re-locating electrical sockets, light switches and recessed spotlights.

Taping & Jointing

The perfect range of products to cover every taping & jointing project.  Includes tape, joint fillers, joint cements and finishing products. 
Stages 1 & 2
Bedding and Second Coat 
Stage 1 & 2 
Stage 3
Finish Coat 

 Trade Read Mix Trade Joint Filler  Trade Joint Cement Economy
Where value is important 
 Smartmix Xtra Joint Filler Xtra  Joint Cement Xtra Best Finish
Low shrinkage, easy to sand, great finish 
 Easy Finish Xtra Easy Finish Xtra  Easy Finish Xtra Fast Completion
Where 90 minute set time allows same day completion.

Check out our YouTube video for our step-by-step guide.


The final, yet essential stage prior to decorating, is sealing.

A traditional skimming plaster finish provides a surface ready to be decorated and is an alternative to GTEC Taping and Jointing in certain applications. It is particularly suitable where the quality of board installation is poor, as it will cover surface imperfections, and where drying out time is not important.

There are a number of GTEC boards which can be decorated without plastering, by using a pre-treatment with a bonding agent such as Siniat Universal Sealer, these are:

  • Moisture Board  
  • Fire MR Board
  • Fire Core Board 
  • Acoustic Homespan MR 
  • LaDura Board

*Aqua Board and Render Board should not be plastered as it adversely affects the board's performance properties.

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