Isaac Newton Academy

Essex, United Kingdom
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Education
  • Client: ARK Schools
  • Contractor: Skanska UK Plc
  • Subcontractor: Clark & Fenn Skanska
  • Innovations: LaDura

In 2012 Sub-contractor Clark & Fenn Skanska chose 25,000m² of 15mm LaDura for the internal partitions and linings of Isaac Newton Academy.  The Academy is made up of an 11,500m² of space divided into four buildings. The project was constructed under strict environmental standards.  Clarke & Fenn Skanksa chose LaDura because of its ability to carry various wall fixtures required withing the school without the need to install plywood pattresses. The original specification included plywood pattresses, therefore, changing to LaDura meant only a single layer system was required which cut down on the use of timber, reducing the materials and transportation required on site.

Installation Phase

We returned to the Academy in August 2016 where Brian Bowry Estate Manager, confirmed that since 2012 no repairs have been required for any damage to the partitions or linings. With no damage to repair, Brian and his team can concentrate on painting the walls, so the school continues to look its best.

LaDura plasterboard installation at Isaac Newton Academy
25% Quicker

“I believe that the installation time was approximately 25% quicker through using LaDura" Vic Cooke (Clark&Fenn Skanska)

No Pattressing

LaDura's greater pull out resistance means that fixtures and fittings can be easily changed

LaDura plasterboard installation at Isaac Newton Academy

"Better value does not mean building schools very cheaply, but creating cost-effective environments that help drive up educational outcomes, enhance teacher and pupil wellbeing, and limit future running and maintenance costs."

Jane DuncanRIBA President 2015-2017


Local Impact

“We are delighted to be involved in the creation of Isaac Newton Academy, which will become a focus for the whole community. Students, staff and parents will be able to enjoy the benefits of an inspirational and bespoke educational establishment plus the wider community will have access to new and exciting facilities.”

Paul Heather, Managing Director
Skanska Building (London & South East)

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