GTEC Universal Bonding Compound

Gypsum based compound for direct bonding plasterboard to walls or bonding GTEC Metal Furring Wall Channels to walls.

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The GTEC Direct Bond Lining system is the simplest option for single layer drylining of masonry substrates. It provides a clean flat and easy to finish surface by bonding GTEC Board to the masonry substrate. This construction method reduces drying out time speeding up internal fit out. The system uses GTEC Universal Bonding Compound to directly attach GTEC plasterboards to the wall and corrects minor surface irregularities. GTEC Thermal boards can also be bonded to increase thermal performance through the wall.Coverage Estimation:25kg - Coverage 8m2 Direct bonded internal walls, 4m2 - Direct bonded external walls


  • Bonds to the majority of masonry substrates
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Dabs are quickly applied and allows adjustment during boarding
  • Capable of accommodating nominal background irregularities
  • Can accommodate shallow service runs 10-25mm
  • Supplied in 25kg bags

Product Usage Category: Internal, Fixing
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