GTEC Resilient Acoustic Stud

GTEC Resilient Acoustic Stud (RAS) is an innovative acoustic stud aimed at helping achieve acoustic performances on site, whilst reducing risk, build time and partition footprint. RAS is comprised of two 0.6mm gauge steel sections, held together by a visco-elastic material, which provides acoustic and thermal break properties...

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Used in partition systems in order to create internal dividing walls and separating walls within commercial projects, most notably student accommodation, hotel, care home and change of use projects. RAS is compatible with a variety of GTEC performance boards, associated U Tracks and GTEC Performance Drywall screws.


  • A world first and innovative acoustic stud
  • Simple stud that can reduce installation risk, decrease installation time and create partitions with a narrower footprint (when compared to other Siniat systems)
  • Provides excellent acoustic performances when used with Siniat Performance boards
  • Great workability, allowing for easy cutting on site and maintains its shape during installation (removing the chance of "screw popping")
  • Available in a width of 70mm in a variety of standard lengths (bespoke lengths also available on request)
  • Manufactured to BS EN 14195.

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