C shaped metal section used with GTEC U Track to provide framework for wall linings and partitions. Thicker gauges and wider profiles give increased heights and stronger systems.

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Used in partition systems in order to create internal dividing walls within both domestic and commercial projects. C Studs are compatible with all GTEC standard and performance boards, associated U Tracks and GTEC Drywall screws. Partition heights can be increased with additional studs, either by boxing, back to back, at closer centres or by using thicker stud gauges.


  • Available in a wide range of widths and gauges
  • Unique design ensures high strength, easy installation and is generally a performing alternative to traditional timber frame partitions
  • Acoustic and fire performances easily achieved when using a metal C Stud
  • Maintains its shape, removing the chance of "screw popping"
  • Manufactured to BS EN 14195
  • Reaction to fire A1

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