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Our range of thermal plasterboards offer superior insulation performance with up to 46 times thermal improvement vs standard thermal board – with a minimum loss of loft space.

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Homes are becoming better insulated to prevent heat loss, helping the environment and lowering heating bills. Better insulation is of course a good thing however there are some challenges.

When you apply internal insulation to an outside wall the wall becomes colder. This creates a danger that warm water vapour from inside the home will get trapped behind the insulation, and as it cools it can condense on and inside the wall fabric in the same way that you get condensation on the surface of single glazed windows. 

This condensation can lead to substantial problems of damp, mould and can lead to rotting of timber elements.

  • Drylining
  • Metal stud or timber partition


  • Reduces condensation.
  • Enables the plasterboard and the metallised membrane to be fixed in one operation.
  • Perfect for internal lining of external facing walls and ceilings.
  • Once mounted with the shiny side to the wall or ceiling the board can be finished in the normal way either by a taping and jointing process or by a plaster skim coat.

Key Specifications
  • Available in either 9.5 mm, 12.5 mm or 15 mm.
  • Available in square and tapered edge finish.
  • Silver metallised film back liner.

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GTEC FireBoard is stronger, harder and heavier than Standard plasterboard and has superior fire resistance, sound insulation and impact resistance in GTEC Drywall Systems.

Several of our other performance boards also have fire resistance properties. Check products below for information on the best board for your specific project.


  • Dot and Dab
  • Drylining 
  • Metal stud or timber partition


  • 60 minutes fire resistance from a 15mm single layer system.
  • Twice the protection before the wall is breached compared to standard board.
  • Achieves Part B building regulations (fire).
  • Suitable for stud partitions, wall lining and suspended ceiling systems.

Key Specifications:

  • Available in 12.5 mm and 15 mm
  • Thermal Resistance: R: 12.5 mm = 0.05 m2 K/W,  15.0 mm = 0.06 m2 K/W
  • Fire Board can be jointed and finished with Siniat Jointing systems.
  • The boards require priming with GTEC Universal Sealer prior to decorating.
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Modern living has introduced a wide range of home entertainment systems into every room.  Sound pollution within the home is becoming increasingly difficult to manage.

Our noise reduction systems give you the ability to control the sound levels around your home, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone.

The type and quality of installation can have a huge impact on the performance of a noise reduction system. The combination of metal stud and mineral wool will ensure the correct sound resistance is achieved. Installation methods are:
  • Metal stud partition.
  • Metal drylining system.
  • Single and double layer dB Board.


  • Up to 46RwdB sound resistance from a single layer system.
  • 30 minutes of fire resistance from a single layer system.
  • Score and snap installation, the same as standard plasterboard.

Key Specification
  • Available in 12.5 mm and 15 mm thickness.
  • Sound resistance 12.5 mm  = 45RwdB  15 mm = 46RwdB .
  • Fire resistance 30 minutes for both 12.5 mm and 15 mm boards.

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As energy prices and declining natural resources continue to impact on our lives, effective insulation is more important than ever.

The UK Government states reasonable provisions should be made to comply with regulations to improve thermal efficiency of areas including walls, floors and roof spaces.

Thermal efficiency is expressed as a U-Value. Though the calculation of U-Values can be complex our Technical Services department can calculate this for you. Call  01275 377 789 for further details.

  • Dot and Dab
  • Drylining 
  • Metal stud or timber partition


  • A range of thermal property boards available to meet your specific needs.
  • Up to 46 times thermal improvement over standard board.
  • Up to 37% saving on energy costs.
  • Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer.

Key Specifications

EPS Board: Available in 4 thicknesses from 22mm - 50mm
XP Board: Available in 3 thicknesses from 27mm - 55mm
PIR Board: Available in 5 thicknesses from 37.5mm - 82.5mm
Thermal K Board: Available in 5 thicknesses from 30mm - 70mm

PIR and Thermal K Boards both come with a vapour barrier as standard.
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Case study: Loft

We recognise the importance of quality and comfort in your home – and this is where our products can make a real difference. Our specialist products are an investment for the future, what’s on the inside of your property is as important as what’s on the outside.

Siniat Solutions Residential Loft Conversion Metal Stud
Siniat Solutions Residential Loft Conversion Thermal PIR
Siniat Solutions Residential Loft Conversion
Steve Jenkins

Steve Jenkins,
Homeowner, Lambeth, London

“We’ve recently converted our loft into an extra bedroom.

The ceiling isn’t very high and we really didn’t want to lose any unnecessary height to bulky insulation material if we didn’t need to. Our builder went through some options and we decided to go with a Siniat product called Thermal PIR. It’s really thin – only 37.5mm – and so it had very little impact on our useable space. It helps keep it warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.”

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HOW TO - Fit Thermal Board
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Drylining Product Range
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Technical Services
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The Siniat highly trained Technical Services is available to answer any technical queries you have and advise on installation details to system specifications to improve Fire, Sound and Thermal performance. Call: 01275 377 789 Email:

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