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 Appliances such as dishwashers, kettles and washing machines, create moisture leading to humidity and condensation.

Check our performance board solutions designed and developed to deal with exactly these conditions.

Solutions for your kitchen or utility room

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Moisture board has a less than 10% water absorption so is perfect for walls and ceilings in high humidity areas such as kitchens and utility areas.

By resisting moisture, the board helps prolong the life and durability of walls and partitions and maintenance.

It is suitable for a range of decorative finishings such as painting, tiling, splash blacks and more.


  • Dot & Dab
  • Drylining
  • Metal stud or timber partition


  • Beats humidity making it perfect for humid areas
  • Easy to cut, fix and finish – simply score and snap
  • Suitable for stud partitions, wall lining and ceilings.
  • Less than 10% water absorption
  • Complies with BS1230 Type 3 and 4, BS EN 520 Type H2.

Key Specifications
  • Available in either 12.5 mm or 15 mm.
  • Can be jointed and finished with Siniat compounds.
  • Requires priming with GTEC Universal Sealer prior to decorating and treating with PVA bonding agent before plastering.

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Homes are becoming better insulated to prevent heat loss, helping the environment and lowering heating bills. Better insulation is of course a good thing however there are some challenges.

When you apply internal insulation to an outside wall the wall becomes colder. This creates a danger that warm water vapour from inside the home will get trapped behind the insulation, and as it cools it can condense on and inside the wall fabric in the same way that you get condensation on the surface of single glazed windows. 

This condensation can lead to substantial problems of damp, mould and can lead to rotting of timber elements.

  • Drylining
  • Metal stud or timber partition


  • Reduces condensation.
  • Enables the plasterboard and the metallised membrane to be fixed in one operation.
  • Perfect for internal lining of external facing walls and ceilings.
  • Once mounted with the shiny side to the wall or ceiling the board can be finished in the normal way either by a taping and jointing process or by a plaster skim coat.

Key Specifications
  • Available in either 9.5 mm, 12.5 mm or 15 mm.
  • Available in square and tapered edge finish.
  • Silver metallised film back liner.

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Case study: Kitchen

We recognise the importance of quality and comfort in your home – and this is where our products can make a real difference. Our specialist products are an investment for the future, what’s on the inside of your property is as important as what’s on the outside.

Fixing plasterboard
Solutions Residential Kitchen Moisture Board Case Study Image
Siniat Solutions Residential Case Study Homeowners Image

Mark and Emma Hardiman,
Homeowners, Colchester, Essex

“We both love cooking so we put in a new kitchen earlier this year - it’s by far the most popular room in the house. But, with the hob, dishwasher and other appliances it can get hot and humid.

I did some research online and saw that Siniat has a plasterboard designed for the heat and humidity of a kitchen. It made perfect sense to spend a bit more on it’s Moisture Board, as it would last longer and perform better. We didn’t realise that you could buy specialist, performance plasterboard.”

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Technical Services
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The Siniat highly trained Technical Services is available to answer any technical queries you have and advise on installation details to system specifications to improve Fire, Sound and Thermal performance. Call: 01275 377 789 Email:

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