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GTEC Drywall Screw Self Tapping Screw

GTEC Drywall Screw Self Tapping Screw for attaching plasterboard to thin gauge GTEC metal.


  • For use with thin gauge metal studwork (under 0.7mm thick)
  • Fine threaded screw
  • Phillips head
  • Carbon steel screws with Zinc Coating
  • Manufactrured to BS EN 14566


Used to fix a wide variety of GTEC Boards to metal studs. Please note the below when using GTEC Self Tapping Screws:

  • Screws to be located a minimum of 10mm from bound edges and 13mm from cut edges
  • Screw location to be a minimum of 3mm from the edge of the metal stud
  • Screw depth into the metal stud must be a minimum of 10mm

Practical support from our technical experts

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