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GTEC Joint IT 45, 10kg

GTEC Joint IT 45 is a lightweight jointing compound for all stages of the jointing process, allowing same-day completion with a 45 minute setting time.


Designed for bedding, filling and finishing tapered plasterboard joints; corner protection, general filling and minor repair work such as cracks, gaps, holes, chips, dents and blemishes. Sand using 120 grit sandpaper.

Coverage Estimations:
10kg - coverage 40m2 for full taping operation


  • Powder compound
  • Good coverage per kg
  • Easy to sand
  • Low shrinkage
  • Smooth, white finish
  • Second coat can be applied after 90 mins

Practical support from our technical experts

Technical support: Design stage
Technical Support at Design Stage
Technical support: On-site
Technical Support On Site