Weather Defence

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Weather Defence 2ND Generation


Introducing our 2nd generation Weather Defence  - now better then ever before.  Originally launched in 2013, it is now used by 45% of AJ100 British Architects and 75% of top 20 main contractors.

A lightweight external gypsum sheathing board, it is 50% quicker to install than
cement particle board.
*Relates to product supplied from 1st September 2017

Weather Defence


Weather Defence is designed to be installed on: 

  • Light steel infill and oversail systems on concrete and steel frame buildings 
  • Modular Buildings 
  • Light Gauge Steel Frame Buildings 
  • Timber Frame Buildings

Edge Thickness Width Length Siniat Code
Square 12.5 mm 1200 mm 2400 mm 119967

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12 year warranty


  • Dimensionally stable, reliable airtightness
  • Quick and easy to cut (score and snap with a retractable knife) and install saving time and reducing costs
  • Water, weather and mould resistant, can now be left installed and exposed for up to 12 months on site before you need to complete the final cladding
  • No need for segregated cutting area, power tools or dust extractor 
  • Can eliminate the need for breather membrane saving time and reducing installation costs
  • Double BBA certified
  • 50% quicker to install and 30% lighter than cement particle board
  • Fully A1 non-combustible, compliant for structures above 18M
  • Fully recyclable gypsum core

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Siniat is part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and can contribute to your required 35 hours Continuous Professional Development.

Within 60 mins, you will gain a thorough overview of sheathing materials, and a more in-depth understanding of gypsum sheathing boards. A relatively new technology, gypsum sheathing has been used on over 350 projects across the country.

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Technical support - On-site

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