Impact resistant plasterboard

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Damage-proof your walls with a strong plasterboard

Some walls require extra strength and durability. Areas of high footfall – such as schools, hospital and offices – are subject to both high levels of wear and tear and potential impact damage from persons or objects such as wheelchairs and pushchairs. 

In residential properties, a stronger board is useful in places such as hallways and playrooms or any other areas prone to the minor dents and blemishes caused by everyday life.

Areas where a strong plasterboard is required

LaDura Board

Our strongest plasterboard is LaDura Board. We have added wood particles to a high density gypsum core to create a lightweight board which does not just meet ‘Severe’ duty rating criteria; it also meets fire, acoustic and moisture performance. It is our ultimate performance board.

Siniat LaDura Plasterboard


  • Meet all performance criteria with a single board from a 15mm single layer
  • Able to support weights of up to 15kg per fixing
  • Severe duty rating under BS5234-2:1992
  • Installed in the same way as Standard Board
  • Can be directly fixed
  • Pull-out strength means that fixtures and fittings can be easily changed



Assembly and installation

Watch a video or read a brochure and installation guide to learn more about LaDura Board.

Case study: hallway

We recognise the importance of quality and comfort in your home – and this is where our products can make a real difference. Our specialist products are an investment for the future, what’s on the inside of your property is as important as what’s on the outside.

Installation of board for hallway case study
Siniat Solutions Residential Hallway Welcome
Siniat Solutions Residential Hallway Complete
Siniat Solutions Residential Case Study Wendy

Wendy O'Callaghan,
Self builder, Padstow, Cornwall

“Our hallway has traditionally been a dumping ground for shoes, coats, buggies and all the things we grab at the last minute when we’re leaving the house.

When we were bought our latest project, we took the opportunity to invest in a really strong board for our hallway that could withstand the wear and tear of the three kids! My partner works in construction and had used LaDura on a commercial project, so whilst there’s not much we can do about scuffing or marking the paintwork, the underlying wall is going to stay good and strong.”

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