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If Walls Could Talk

What would they tell you about your latest renovation project?
Let’s find out…

Fix Some Common Problems With The Right Plasterboard

Cut down noise between rooms and flats
If walls could talk about acoustic plasterboard
Keep out the cold
If walls could talk about thermal plasterboard
Protect walls from condensation
If walls could talk about moisture resistant plasterboard
Resist water damage
If walls could talk about water resistant plasterboard

What do you want from your walls?

Plasterboard is a modern building material which is used to meet Building Regulations and create a better living environment for homeowners to enjoy. Below are some problems that you may not know plasterboard would be able to fix.

Acoustic insulation Find out more >
Fire protection Find out more >
Impact resistance Find out more >
Moisture resistance Find out more >
Water resistance Find out more >
Thermal insulation Find out more >

Fix other common problems with plasterboard

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