Fire resistant plasterboard

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Fire is a very common, unpredictable disaster.  There are strict Building Regulations in place, designed to prevent the spread of fire, giving occupants time to escape. Depending on the size, height, location and type of property, walls and ceilings need to provide 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute fire protection. 

Meeting Fire Regulations with the right plasterboard

GTEC Fire Board

Our fire boards are identified by their distinctive pink colour. The most popular is GTEC Fire Board which has fire resistant additives to increase the fire protection characteristics of the board.

These properties enables it to meet more stringent fire performance requirements. These typically includes domestic separating walls, rooms above garages and stairwells in multi-storey properties. In commercial buildings, it is typically used to protect shafts and voids.

Siniat GTEC Fire Board

GTEC Fire Board:

  • Will provide 60 mins fire resistance from a 15mm single layer partition system
  • Achieves Part B Building Regulations (fire)
  • Note that a Fire Board cannot provide a fire rating on its own; fire resistance performance is based on complete systems such as a partition, wall or ceiling 



Assembly and Installation

Learn how to achieve Part B Fire Regulations and see how Siniat Fire Boards are rigorously tested rigorously for reaction to fire.

Case study: integral garage

We recognise the importance of quality and comfort in your home – and this is where our products can make a real difference. Our specialist plasterboards are used as a matter of course in the commercial sector, because architects and contractors know that better construction products is an investment for the future.

Installation of fire board in a garage
Installation of fire board in a garage
Installation of fire board in a garage
Homeowner Scott Stronach

Simon Stronach 
Homeowner and physiotherapist, Somerset

“I’m renovating a single storey barn into a new home and home physiotherapy business. 

An integrated garage separates the two and as it contains flammable material, I had to upgrade the fire protection on the walls and ceilings to 60 minutes. 

I called the Siniat Technical Services team and they advised I could do this with two 15mm layers of Siniat Fire Board. I’m now fully compliant with Building Regulations.”

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