Acoustic insulation

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Sound proof your home with the right plasterboard

Build acoustic insulation into your walls or ceilings by using our specialist acoustic plasterboard. Installed with components which prevent the transfer of airborne sound, it is denser than a standard plasterboard and can control noise disturbance caused by TV's, home sound systems or just general day-to-day life. 

In older properties, it is ideal as a ceiling between flats or as a wall lining for party walls. For any type of project it is used to control excessive noise from rooms such as home cinemas, music rooms or music studios.

Solving acoustic problems with plasterboard

GTEC dB Board

Our acoustic plasterboard is called GTEC dB Board, identified by its distinctive blue colour. The board is stronger and harder than Standard plasterboard and due to its density, is 30% heavier.

GTEC dB Plasterboard

The level of noise created is measured in decibels (or dB). At 30 RwdB, normal conversation can be distinguished. At 45 RwdB, loud conversation cannot be heard and at 50 RwdB, shouting can be heard but not distinguished. A single layer system of our 15mm board will:

  • Cut-out noise 49 Rw dB sound insulation
  • Achieve 30 minutes fire resistance from a single layer partition system
  • Meets and exceeds Part E Building Regulations

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Assembly and Installation

We have step-by-step guides to show you how to soundproof your walls or ceilings, in both diagram and video format.

Siniat Solutions Residential Livingroom Fire Board Image
Siniat Solutions Residential Livingroom Painted Image
Siniat Solutions Residential Case Study James Lea

James Lea 
Homeowner, Camberwell, London

“Our house is next door to a taxi rank. The previous owner had said they’d invested in sound insulation but it wasn’t enough to keep out the high frequency radio noise and loud talking.

We met Siniat at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show and they explained that their products – a sound insulating plasterboard used with a special acoustic bracket – would prevent the reverberation between our wall and next door. It's made a real difference to our lives.”

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