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Siniat is part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and can contribute to your required 35 hours Continuous Professional Development.

Siniat CPD presentations provide construction professionals the opportunity to increase knowledge and expertise on drywall construction.

CPD technical seminars available:

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siniat cpd gypsum external sheathing

Gypsum External Sheathing

Within 60 mins, you will gain a thorough overview of sheathing materials, and a more in-depth understanding of gypsum sheathing boards. A relatively new technology, gypsum sheathing has been used on over 350 projects across the country.

Topics covered:

  • The range of sheathing materials available, and their pros and cons.
  • The applications of gypsum sheathing boards.
  • The attributes of gypsum sheathing materials and how to design efficiently with them.
  • The sustainability benefits of gypsum products.
  • The principles of framed wall construction and the installation and on-site considerations of using gypsum sheathing boards.

siniat cpd gypsum innovation

Gypsum Innovation

Within 60 mins, you will have an insight into the latest innovations in the new generation of plasterboard solutions. They are replacing older, heavier and less sustainable construction materials.

The key learning objectives are to:

  • Develop an understanding of the environmental benefits of using gypsum-based products.
  • Understand how the established types of plasterboard available in the market contribute to systems performance (eg. Fire, acoustic, thermal).
  • Gain an insight into the new generation of plasterboard solutions which challenge established thinking about where gypsum boards can or cannot be used.

Siniat CPD Designing with Drywall

Designing with Drywall for Education

This 60 minute session will give you an insight into understanding performances, key regulations and how to meet them along with best practice and sustainability.

The key learning objectives are to:

  • Understand why and how drylining systems are crucial to meeting acoustic regulations in schools
  • Gain an understanding of how drylining systems can achieve other performance requirements
  • Learn how to make the correct design and specification decisions when choosing partitions, wall linings and ceilings
  • Develop an understanding of typical details used in education buildings, including overcoming common challenges
  • Gain an overview the environmental benefits of using gypsum‐based products

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