Recycling at Siniat

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GTEC Wasteline Direct

Our simple and competitive national waste plasterboard service, available to contractors, distributors and merchants.

Siniat's GTEC Wasteline Direct is a nationally available service to support construction clients remove plasterboard waste from site – at a competitive cost. 

The recovered gypsum is recycled back into new plasterboard or other beneficial uses approved by the Environment Agency. No clean waste received via the scheme is land-filled, so GTEC Wasteline Direct supports customer objectives for landfill diversion, waste management planning and regulatory compliance.

GTEC Wasteline Direct Features

• All types of Siniat GTEC plasterboard accepted
• Enquiries and orders placed by telephone, email or website
• Scheme available to merchants, distributors and contractors
• Flexible pricing and delivery service
• Electronic reports supplied monthly
• Choice of containers to suit site requirements: bags, or skips (12yd or 40yd)

What is accepted?

GTEC Acoustic Homespan, Aqua Board, GTEC Base Board, GTEC Contour Board, GTEC dB Board, GTEC E Board, GTEC Fire Board, LaDura, Megadeco, GTEC CMoisture Board, GTEC Plank, GTEC Pregybel*, GTEC Standard Board, GTEC Cove, GTEC Universal Board, GTEC Vapour Board*, GTEC Thermal Board*, GTEC Universal Bonding Compound.

* It is preferable for GTEC Pregybel, Vapour and Thermal Board waste to be collected separately from other board waste.

What is not accepted?

Jointing products, plaster, metal, wood, screws, glass, paper, aggregate and cement, biodegradable waste, all packaging and plastic banding.

Recycling At Siniat

For further information contact GTEC Wasteline Direct on 01275 377579 or fill out our form below.

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