Kraków ICE Congress Centre

Kraków, Polska
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Key facts & Challenges

  • Sector: Leisure
  • Project value: 357 mln PLN
  • Client: Gmina Miejska Kraków
  • Contractor: Temex
  • Finished: 10/14/2014

ICE Krakow Congress Center is located in Krakow. It is modern conference and cultural centre. Taking almost 5 years to construct and was a key investment in the Malopolska Region. Three main meeting/ICE can accommodate up to 3200 people, and since opening in October 2014 became the site of numerous congresses, concerts, shows and exhibitions. The design centre is the result of collaboration architects Krzysztof Ingarden and Jacek Ewý and Japanese design studio Arata Isozaki & associate from Tokyo.

The functional building has innovative architecture and a prestigious location with a view of the Wawel Castle.

In recognition of the investment the project won 5 "stars", in The International Property awards in the category of the best architectural design.

Installation Phase

Although the building is business and cultural centre, without doubt the largest room, is the theatre auditorium which (holds 1915 seats) and deserves special recognition. For the first time the room layout type of a "partial vineyard" (where the stage scene is surrounded by the three sides audience) was utilized. It is due to this, as well as other solutions, that the auditorium is one of the best concert halls in the world.

70,000 m2 of Plasterboard used

It is about the size of the base of the Great Pyramid in Egypt and 2 football pitches combined.

Siniat ICE Kraków Congress Centre Installation Small

"A project like the ICE Congress Center, is always a challenge to the designer, and requires innovative solutions."

Janusz Jamka, Doradca TechnicznySiniat


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