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SFS inquiries and contact details

SFS inquiries and contact details

Siniat acquired steel frame systems manufacturer, EOS Fa├žades in March 2016. Here are your contact details for project enquiries.

Contacts for pricing and general sales
Paul Kent, Regional Manager (North)
E: paulk@eosuk.org
T: 07889 534884

John Gardner, Regional Manager (South)
E: john@eosuk.org
T: 07896 671317

Sean Tarling, UK Business Development & Client Relations Manager
T: 07736 155434

Rachel Hitchen, Business Development Manager
E: rachel.hitchen@siniat.co.uk
T: 07721 922981

Sales – for CPD’s and on-site technical support
Thomas Elliott, Technical Sales Manager
E: thomas@eosuk.org
T: 07528 364581

John Bainbridge, Assistant Technical Manager
E: johnb@eosuk.org
T: 07912 388074

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