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Etex Building Performance launches anti-intruder walling system

 Secruretex - Secure by design

New Secured by Design member company, Etex Building Performance, has launched an anti-intruder walling system with security ‘designed in’ to the product for use in residential multi-occupancy buildings.

Siniat Securtex plasterboard contains a high tensile fibre mesh within a 15mm gypsum plasterboard to create an invisible layer of protection, which effectively spreads any physical impact and has been proven to be sufficiently attack resistant to achieve the LPS 1175 Security Rating Classification 1 standard.

It is the first full plasterboard system to meet this standard to create secure single and twin frame partitions for party walls between dwelling and communal areas, between two dwellings, and around a secure doorset.

Siniat Securtex is the company’s latest innovation.

Mark Riley, Product Manager, said: “Party walls and doorsets are usually constructed with either a combination of a metal lath, steel sheet or ply. In contrast, Siniat Securtex has an integrated high tensile fabric mesh within the plasterboard itself, which means no other components are required in the system.

“Securtex is simpler to install, helping to address a shortage of drylining skills in the construction sector, whilst delivering a saving in installed time and cost to clients.

“It is a robust solution that not only designs out crime, but also helps avoid long-term maintenance costs caused by damage.”

For more information contact: behindthewall@etexgroup.com
or visit: www.siniat.co.uk

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