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Some of the most frequently asked questions received by our Technical Services team:

What fire resistance does your board give me?

Fire resistance is determined from the ‘system’ being constructed. For example; a partition, lining or ceiling. When assessing fire resistance the supporting framework needs to be considered, as well as insulation, fixings and tracks etc. Plasterboard cannot be deemed to be rated by itself in all scenarios, regardless of application. Our Drywall Manual offers many systems to choose from.

Can I dot & dab your thermal boards?

Direct Bond lining systems are suitable for most level, masonry substrates. The substrate must be clean and dust free with all loose material removed. Substrates with a high suction rate should be treated prior to bonding with a PVAC agent. Walls with higher risk of moisture ingress, such as solid masonry external walls, can only be bonded to once appropriately treated. 

What U-value does your board give me?

A U-value (in the context of Drywall systems) is measure of thermal performance through a complete wall, roof or floor element. Individual products provide levels of thermal resistance (R) which when calculated together, provide an overall U-value. Comparing material thermal performance is done using their R value. See our U-Value Calculator

Which side of the board do I plaster?

The blank side (without printing on it) is the side that faces into the room and suitable for decoration. 

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