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The impact of climate change is increasing and so are energy prices. By making new and existing buildings more energy efficient, you can reduce energy loss and help save money on energy bills.

Thermal Know-How

The Great Escape

To improve thermal efficiency there are building regulations for new build, renovation and replacement work. The regulations can be found in these documents, thermal efficiency is expressed as a U-value.

  • England & Wales: Part L Building Regulations
  • Northern Ireland: Technical Standard F1
  • Scotland: Technical Handbook Domestic, Sec 6 (energy).
Put simply, it’s the measurement of the rate of heat loss through a material. The less heat is lost, the lower the U-value. Calculating U-values can be quite complex: heat loss is worked out by measuring the temperature difference on either side of 1m2 of material.


Heat can leak through any external surface in a home, but most escapes through the walls and loft space. 

Heat: The Great Escape

Thermal U Value Calculator

There are a number of ways we can assist you with meeting Part L Building Regulations for U Values.

We have a helpful and easy to use digital tool which based on simple user input will determine the most suitable drylining products for your walls or loft space, whilst meeting the regulations. Our U Value calculator is available online or as a free ios or android app.  
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Siniat Thermal U-Value Calculator

For larger projects or where more detailed information is required our Technical Enquiry line are here to help. Contact our Technical Enquiry Line on 01275 377456 or 0800 1456033 or email technical.services@siniat.co.uk

Siniat Thermal Solution

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As energy prices and declining natural resources continue to impact on our lives, effective insulation is more important than ever.

The UK Government states reasonable provisions should be made to comply with regulations to improve thermal efficiency of areas including walls, floors and roof spaces.

Thermal efficiency is expressed as a U-Value. Though the calculation of U-Values can be complex our Technical Services department can calculate this for you. Call  01275 377 789 for further details.

  • Dot and Dab
  • Drylining 
  • Metal stud or timber partition


  • A range of thermal property boards available to meet your specific needs.
  • Up to 46 times thermal improvement over standard board
  • Up to 37% saving on energy costs
  • Warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer

Key Specifications

EPS Board: Available in 4 thicknesses from 22mm - 50mm
XP Board: Available in 3 thicknesses from 27mm - 55mm
PIR Board: Available in 5 thicknesses from 37.5mm - 82.5mm
Thermal K Board: Available in 5 thicknesses from 30mm - 70mm

PIR and Thermal K Boards both come with a vapour barrier as standard.
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Supporting Tools, Tips and Information

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Technical Services
Siniat Thermal Know How

Siniat Technical Services are here to offer advice for all our customers, whether you are undertaking domestic renovations or large commercial projects.

The team is waiting for your call 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 01275 377 789 or Email: technical.services@siniat.co.uk

Thermal Solutions Leaflet
Thermal Solutions Leaflet

Download a copy of the Thermal Real Deal leaflet

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