Lowest cost should not determine system selection

Author Siniat Date 22/11/2017

Unbranded metal frames are usually untested for fire performance. The interaction between the frames and the boards is unique for every product and manufacturer, it simply cannot be said that one stud, channel or board is the same as another. With a wealth of fire test evidence gained over 25 years of certification and innovation we have learnt what can make a substantial difference to performance and we have designed our systems to avoid or exploit these effects. Can the same be said of unbranded suppliers? 

Building Control and clients expect to see the evidence that what has been installed will perform; the only reliable way to achieve this is by using the right components that have been tested together and have a Siniat Lifetime System Warranty to prove it. Not an inferior, c.10 year warranty for lower-quality systems, but a Lifetime, 50 years or more. 

In a post-Grenfell Tower environment, the construction industry needs to shift its terms of thinking away from lowest-cost as the determinant of system selection, and instead focus on proven performance and proven longevity.