NEW Product Launch Siniat Resilient Acoustic Stud

Author Siniat Date 12/10/2016

Resilient Acoustic Stud

Siniat is proud to launch its world's first - patented- innovation for acoustic partitions. Called Resilient Acoustic Stud ( RAS), it is for partitions which need to meet Part E: Rooms for residential purposes or Part E: Change of use.

RAS is comprised of two steel profile sections held together by an acoustic tape which prevents airborne and impact sound from passing through separating walls. It enables specifiers and installers to meet acoustic performance requirements quickly and simply, providing a useful alternative to our own Resilient Bar system – which we know can be cumbersome to install.

By consolidating the Resilient bar into the unique stud design of RAS, we have created a partition which is 17mm thinner* but importantly a partition which is up to 50% quicker to install, compared to the traditional resilient bar method.

There are other benefits when installing RAS:

  • It is a much simpler design requiring less component parts
  • It does not include a resilient bar which makes fixing light and plug sockets or other M&E much easier
  • Post installation fixings ( e.g. shelving) will not compromise the partition performance
  • To reduce flexing RAS is made with 0.6mm gauge steel - which allows for much easier installation.
  • RAS in a single stud achieved 58 Rw(-6Ctr) in the laboratory testing which gives you at least 43DnT,w +Ctr when it’s on site. 

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*RSP157 Resilient Bar System compared to QSP432