Siniat and Promat finalists for Product Innovation at the 2016 Offsite Awards

Author Siniat Date 07/10/2016


The innovation is in response to the increased number of buildings exceeding 30 metres in height.  Where once it was standard practice to use plasterboard that could help to protect a building structure and fabric for 60 to 90 minutes, a challenging specification target of 120 minutes fire protection is increasingly becoming more common.

In parallel, there is a continued drive from developers to maximise internal floorspace to increase commercial value and the saleability of a property.  This requirement calls for offsite solutions that both minimise the thickness of materials and eliminate the need to add weight to a module.   

It was these market challenges that led Siniat and Promat – both Etex Building Performance companies - to work together to develop a unique 30mm lining system for volumetric construction to provide 120 minute fire protection to both line loaded (cold rolled steel) and pointed loaded (hot rolled steel) modular constructions.

The development of a two board 30mm thick gypsum faced 120 minute fire rated system is a first for the UK offsite industry.

Previously this level of fire protection performance would have only been achieved by using between 40 – 45mm of fire rated gypsum – a solution requiring three layers of plasterboard which significantly increases production time, adds additional weight to the modules and reduces usable floor space.

Our solution combines Siniat’s 15mm Megadeco board over a 15mm Promatect 250 board applied to either light gauge steel framing infill studs, with rockwool RW3 60 kg/m3 in the cavity, providing both the 120 minute fire protection to the hot rolled structural steel as well as the light gauge steel infill frames. Or the same system directly applied to loaded light gauge steel frames.

Designed to provide volumetric offsite manufacturers with an independently tested solution for high rise schemes, it is a complete lining solution which can be used for separating walls between units as well as the internal corridor and external wall linings.

The Offsite Awards take place on 18 October 2016 at the NEC, Birmingham. They showcase innovation, celebrate best practice and recognise overall expertise in offsite construction through landmark projects, influential people and material and manufacturing excellence in this dynamic arena.