C Stud System RUP 055

1x 12.5mm GTEC Universal Board, Single GTEC CS70B C Studs at 600mm centres, 25mm 16kg/m3 glass mineral wool

Further Information
Thickness: 95 mm
Insulation Type: Glass wool, Mineral wool
Insulation Thickness: 25 mm
Weight per m²: 24 kg/m²
Fire performance to BS 476-22: 60 min
Fire performance to EN 1364-1: 60 min
Maximum Height: 3650 mm
rw (Sound Insulation): 45 dB
Strength Duty rating (to BS5234): Heavy


GTEC C Stud Partitions create internal dividing walls within both domestic and commercial projects.


  • Strong design means less material is required than in a similar timber frame structure
  • Lightweight components and studs allows multiple lengths to be carried at one time
  • Natural resistance to bowing, bending and insect infestation, for a durable partition.
  • High fire and acoustic performance levels are easily achieved using metal systems and layers of board.

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