Acoustic performance

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Acoustic insulation

We understand the vital role of acoustic insulation in the comfort and utility of a large number of buildings. 

At Siniat we have an extensive range of solutions dealing with sound insulation for domestic partitions offering up to 74dB airborne sound insulation.  Our technical expertise in the field of acoustic insulation is reflected in the fact that we are the leading provider of drywall solutions to the UK’s cinemas. 

Our range of perforated Pregybel plasterboards ensures the acoustic comfort of large open spaces.  These products control sound reverberation, ensuring that speech is more easy to understand and sound from within the same area does not cause a distraction.

Find systems that meet your performance requirements

In this section, you can browse our systems for general information. Alternatively, our system selectors will help you to identify the appropriate system options to meet your performance requirements, and provide you with related documents and BIM objects.

Boards with acoustic insulation

This table is a quick guide to our boards which have acoustic protection properties. Some boards offer additional properties including fire protection, moisture protection and impact resistance. 

Plasterboards Moisture Fire Acoustic Impact Thermal Description
Standard/Plank/Base Board Standard
Vapour Board Vapour control layer
Moisture Board Moisture resistant
Contour Board Re-surfacing and creating curves
Fire Board Fire resistant
Fire MR Board Fire and moisture resistant
Fire V Board Fire resistant with vapour control layer
Fire Core Board High performance fire protection
E Board Acoustic
dB Board High performance acoustic
Acoustic Homespan Board Acoustic
Acoustic Homespan MR Board Acoustic and moisture resistant
Universal Board Fire, sound and impact resistant
Megadeco Pre-sealed, fire, sound and impact resistant
LaDura High performance impact resistant
Aqua Board Extreme wet areas
Render Board Extreme direct render
Weather Defence External sheathing
Thermal EPS Board Basic thermal insulation
Thermal XP Board Improved thermal insulation
Thermal PIR Board High performance thermal board
Thermal K Board High performance thermal insulation

Table star icon Standard    Table star icon Table star icon Good    Table star icon Table star icon Table star icon Better    Table star icon Table star icon Table star icon Table star icon Best

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