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Yate International academy

Key Facts

Sector: Education 
Project Value: 16M
Client: South Gloucester County Council
Architect: Aedas Architects
Contractor: Willmott Dixon
Sub - Contractor: JJ Interiors & Manorcraft
Footprint: less than original building but over two/three floors 
Siniat innovations: GTEC Aqua Board, GTEC Megadeco
Finished: Summer 2012

The new build Yate International Academy is one of the new breed of schools being built under the Government’s Partnership for Schools academies framework.

Aedas Architecture, were keen to create an international vibe at the academy to reflect the International Academy status that they hold and with this came a wide range of aesthetic and performance requirements for both the standard and bespoke internal space dividing elements and the external sheathing.

Sound And Vision

The ‘Hub’, a centre-piece of the space, providing a social area for students, required a high level of design input both aesthetically and with regard to the criteria set out in Building Bulletin 93 (BB93), AcousticDesign of Schools. 

The elevation and the curved design of the Hub called for a plasterboard partition system often found in cinemas and theatres to achieve the demands of design, vertical spanning height, fire resistance and sound insulation. 

The chosen Siniat partition system meets the performance requirements set out in BB93, BS 5234-2 (specification for performance requirements for strength and robustness including methods of test) and BS EN 1364-1 (fire resistance tests for non-loadbearing elements) using GTEC Megadeco and GTEC dB Board

Considering the requirements of Section 1 of BB93 (acoustic performance) for the Hub, Siniat specified the partition to achieve 62RwdB airborne sound insulation. We also specified M.F. Suspended Ceilings with GTEC Pregybel C10 Number 8 for sound absorption. 

Due to the Hub’s height of 7.2m, standard gauge metal studs could not be used. Therefore, Siniat specified 0.7mm metal studs and reduced the stud centres from the usual 600mm to 300mm centres. 

The curved partitions are twin framed and offered the contractor a bespoke solution for the vertical span. 


Accelerated Finishing

Yate Academy is due to open in September 2012, so it was fundamental that the construction programme kept to schedule. A previous academy built by Willmott Dixon was estimated to have saved 50% of the installation time due to the use of GTEC Aqua Board for the external sheathing, so it was logical for the same system to be specified for the Yate International Academy. 

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GTEC Aqua Board is gypsum based and therefore lighter than cement particle board for the same thickness. It is easier to cut than other sheathing boards as it only requires a simple ‘score and snap’ technique. Therefore no power saws, reduced dust emissions and the associated health and safety issues on site. 

All the internal partitions and linings utilised GTEC Megadeco – widely used within educational buildings as it has the benefits of a pre-sealed surface for direct painting, along with excellent impact and fire resistance combined with sound insulation.

Cost effective, project specific solutions

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Siniat, although just one cog in the machine for the construction of Yate International Academy, is committed to providing exceptional design and on-site support. This covers the more unusual aspects of a build, in this case, the requirements of the Hub, but also the provision of standard systems. Overall, Siniat specified and supplied 15 different types of partition for the Yate International Academy. 

When Yate International Academy opens its doors to students in September 2012 and they enjoy the social buzz in the Hub, whilst their colleagues can work in silence in neighbouring rooms, they will probably be unaware of the high specification that their new building benefits from. 

However, the exceptional standards achieved throughout the construction with the help of Siniat expertise and solutions, will ensure that the new academy provides an excellent place for learning and social interaction.